10 Ways to Beat the Corona Blues

While being socially distant feels isolating there are many ways to feel connected to others and those
we love:

  1. SMILE when you don’t feel like smiling, it really does help shake the blues away.
  2. Take a walk even if you have to bargain with yourself to take that first step. Soak in the sun and vitamin D.
  3. Read all the things you have stored away for another day, maybe not ALL the things but sort out the things that really matter then decide where to start.
  4. Cook. Experience different cuisines, experiment have some fun with food.
  5. Find hidden treasures in your house – clean out that junk drawer, I love finding things I cherish but have stashed away. I also wonder why I kept other things so away they go.
  6. Write letters – not enough of this now old-fashioned practice where the recipient can appreciate your penmanship as well as your sentiment.
  7. Call or video conference – video conference sounds pretty businesslike to me but it can be a hoot when you are chatting with a loved one, or group of loved ones, who you wish were in the same room, in person. It’s truly the next best thing.
  8. Keep a positive outlook even when things seem grim, turn off the negative news shows and remember that this social distancing is only for a short time, all things considered. We can do anything that needs to be done for a few months!
  9. Take care of yourself like you do your loved one. Do it for THEM.
  10. Be sure to join the Together We Care special COVID Conferences on line or by telephone. The more we share the better we all feel.

    While we all miss our freedom and important events, take this time to appreciate life as it is right now. Now, more than ever, it could change in an instant.