Acts of Kindness – Becky Franklin

An act of kindness, big and small, everyday, all year long
Northland Shepherd’s Center is Helping Seniors Thrive

Did you know March is Women’s History Month? It’s a time to commemorate and encourage the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. While there are many women within the Northland Shepherd’s Center network who are worth noting, today we are focusing on Becky. You may have seen her around Northland Shepherd’s Center doing what she does best bringing light and life to others.  

Becky is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Older Adult Educator who works with Tri-County Mental Health Services. Her work with Tri-County involves making presentations throughout Clay, Platte and Ray counties. Just to name a few, Becky partners with Clay Country Senior Services, the Senior Falls Coalition, and the Aging and Mental Health Coalition. Becky also does therapy sessions at the Parkville Health Department and more recently has begun coordinating the GrandFamilies program which is designed to help grandparents who are raising grandchildren.  

Additionally, she partners with one of Northland Shepherd’s Center Community Aging Specialist to provide the Together We Care caregiver support program. You may have also seen her if you have taken any of the Aging Mastery Program classes. Becky is a perfect match to facilitate this evidence-based program which promotes small changes which can lead to positive lifestyle changes enabling you to lead a healthier, and happier, longer life! 

So, what does Becky do in her spare time besides the occasional fishing with her dad? Becky is a Northlander herself and grew up in Platte County. She has two daughters, both with that same infectious smile as Becky, and a dog with as much energy as one would think Becky has to do all the great things she does. Oh, and she is also the founder of a private practice, Hands of Hope Counseling and Support.  

If you’ve ever held a conversation with Becky, no matter how long or short, she can make you feel like you are the only person in the room. She has a calmness in her voice and speaks with inflection letting you know just how important your exchange in words means to her. Becky is such a delight to have as a partner with NSC. Watching her from the sidelines, I can attest that Becky is a true joy and an inspiration to many; a humble servant of God, she probably doesn’t even realize the depth of impact she has made in this world. Becky, we hope you embrace the celebration not only during Women’s History Month but always recognize the vital role you are making in American history keep shining bright. 

If you’d like to follow Becky on Facebook for uplifting thoughts and great ideas, check out her page for Hands of Hope at

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