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Northland Shepherd’s Center is Helping Seniors Thrive

There was a participant in one of the support groups at Northland Shepherd’s Center who was suffering from a recent illness and had a lack of support from her family. She decided she was no longer going to take her medication, stop seeing her doctor, and stop socializing all together. That even included her not coming to participate in our support group any longer. A friend in the group convinced her to come back one last time to at least tell everyone goodbye.

Once the others in this group caught wind of this, an outpouring of support and words of encouragement convinced her to stay for the entire session. During the next hour and a half, you could see the sparkle return to her eyes. She participated in the activity that day which was creating our very own kindness rocks. As we shared our rocks with the rest of the group, she explained why on one rock she had painted a heart and on the other she had “God loves me” because after being surrounded by friends and this support system at Northland Shepherd’s Center, she realized that there really was something worth fighting for and that God answers prayers in his own special way.

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