Break Time Club gets a Remix

Every week at Northland Shepherd’s Center, our volunteers and staff gather in community to visit, complete activities, snack, and share with older adults in Kansas City, while their caregivers, family members, and loved ones can take reprieve. We have called the “Break Time Club” since it’s inception, and serve over 80 adults every week during meetings. Since March 2020, due to the emergence of COVID-19 and it’s threat on some of the most vulnerable populations caused Northland Shepherd’s Center had to close it’s doors to the nearly 15 weekly programs it provides, including Break Time Club.

After several weeks of isolation and distancing, the volunteers at Break Time Club became so bored cooped up at home, they were “counting their chin-hairs!” This lead them to put their heads together, and host a drive-thru Break Time Club in the NSC parking lot.

Typically, participants arrive 30-minutes early when meeting in person, and sure enough, over 10 cars were ready to roll through and collect at-home activities, a sack lunch, plants for the garden, crossword puzzles and more! All of this and the most fulfilling thing was getting to reunite the weekly friends, volunteers, and families to eachother from a 6-ft distance, with precautionary masks and gloves, and no shortage of smiles.

Though the Northland Shepherd’s Center never expected to be planning events like this one, it meant the world to reconnect with our clients and remind them, we’ll see them soon!