Christmas Blessings – Beads

The Holiday Magic of Beads, Staff, and Relatives

Big and Small ~ Every Day ~ All Year Long

Donated beads

In conversation with Rayetta Hutchison, NSC Administration Assistant and Transportation Coordinator, Patty Monaco, NSC Volunteer Coordinator, mentioned wanting to make decorations for the upcoming open house for volunteers. So, it was only natural when Rayette received a call from someone wanting to donate craft beads that she knew exactly who to give the call to! The caller had made and sold items at craft shows around the country for 40 years and was downsizing. So, Patty received a BIG donation of craft beads hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of beautiful beads of every size, shape, and color!

Billie Jean and aunt Katharine

Thrilled with the donation, Patty asked her mom, Billie Jean, and aunt, Katharine, to help. Billie Jean and Katharine, sisters ages 91 and 79 respectively, are near-lifelong-crafters and usually do whatever Patty asks them to do! In the past, the two have made colorful microwave bowl holders and lap quilts for NSC to give to clients.

Patty, Billie Jean, and Katharine discussed different ideas for the beads and then Katharine remembered the wine bottle toppers that she had seen in a magazine and the rest is history.

Tree with beads

Billie Jean and Katharine spent two days at NSC and worked at home to make 25 beautiful 5 ½ x 2 ½ inch felt trees. Katharine sewed the beads on the trees and Billie Jean did the hand stitching (blind stitching around each tree and adding attractive stitching to connect the beads).

Patty gave the beautiful and colorful made-with-love Christmas decorations to the volunteers at the December 3 Mingle & Jingle Open House.

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