Christmas Blessings – MOW – Carol

Acts of Kindness in the NSC Community

Big and Small ~ Every Day ~ All Year Long

Carol has been a driver in NSC’s Meals on Wheels (MOW) program for over 20 years! For Carol, driving for MOW is a family tradition carried on from generation to generation. It all started in 1972 when her grandfather was a recipient of the MOW program in St. Charles, Missouri.

Carol’s parents were drivers in a MOW program; Carol’s aunt drove in the program until she was 93; Carol herself drives; and Carol’s two daughters have helped deliver meals!

Carol drives NSC’s MOW Route 5 every Tuesday. She knows and cares greatly for all the people she delivers to. Another driver, who happens to be a friend of Carol’s who drives Route 5 on Mondays, told Carol something that she did not know about one of the special people on Route 5.

It was about Bob. Carol’s friend had learned that Bob greatly missed being able to pet a dog or a cat! Since Carol’s cute Bichon, Sophie, is a trained service dog, she immediately contacted Bob and arranged a visit.

The visit was great; after just a few minutes, Sophie settled in Bob’s lap or sat next to him in his chair for over an hour. Everyone, all three of them, greatly enjoyed the visit and plan to make it a regular event.

“It’s just amazing what all Bob went through in WWII. He was in the leading charge at the Battle of the Bulge! I’m always spellbound listening to him, and I love the joy in his face when he’s playing with and laughing at Sophie.

Carol says,

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