Community Aging Solutions

A personalized care plan is the basis of The Community Aging Solutions Program. Using a person-centered approach, specialists help adults 60+ to remain independent in their homes. Recently, Stan contacted NSC to ask about assistance for his mother. Because older adults take pride in “taking care of our problems,” Stan didn’t realize until the last minute that his mother had neglected her electricity, gas, and water bills for several months. She had to have electricity for her oxygen concentrator, which she
needs 24/7. Stan took care of that immediate problem and paid the back bills, but he came to Northland Shepherd’s Center to see if his mother could get sustainable help. “Bills, bills, bills,” they just pile up,” Stan’s mom, Mildred, said when an NSC specialist personally visited with her a day later.

“Bills, bills, bills,” they just pile up,”

The specialist found that Mildred’s financial situation contributed to her inability to pay her bills. The specialist arranged for Mildred to be on the Evergy monthly benefits program, significant cost savings. Other
underlying problems existed. The specialist enrolled Mildred in the Medicare Savings Plan, set her up for food stamps, and applied to the Community Agency Healthy Homes Programs to address weatherization
and mold issues in her home. Living on a minimal fixed income incurs problems, and medical issues, life seems hopeless. Stan says, “Mom is happier than she has been in a long time.”

“Mom is happier than she has been in a long time.”