How to Protect Your Aging Parents In This Time of COVID-19

It is a myth, that if you want to qualify for Medicaid, you must spend-down all your money and become a pauper before qualifying to receive financial help.

Do you know how to get the care your loved one needs paid for, and stay at home? Do you know who can assist your loved one with their daily activities and keep them safe? How will they provide for a spouse? Can your loved one, or you afford that assistance?

The GREAT news is, there are ways to qualify to receive help, and stay at home, without spending all you or your loved one’s money, and protect your hard-earned assets. We will explore planning/asset protection options for programs such as Veterans’ Aid & Attendance pension and MOHealthNet (Medicaid) using:

  •  Financial Durable Powers of Attorney
  •  Caregiver Agreements
  •  Exempt transfers to family members
  •  Last Will & Testament provisions to protect your spouse with disabilities
  •  Asset Protection Trusts

Join us in learning how to plan for long term care, preserving assets and getting a peace of mind in the event of an illness or incapacitation.

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Apr 28 2020


18:00 - 19:00



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