Which way are YOU voting this November?

There are several ways to vote aside from going to the polls on that day. Absentee ballots are available to anyone who is considered at-risk for contracting coronavirus. You are considered at-risk if you are 65 or over or have one of the other specified conditions. All at-risk conditions as well as other reasons to use an absentee ballot are listed on the application. Absentee ballots can simply be mailed back to the Board of Elections in the envelope provided.

Mail-in ballots are available to anyone eligible to vote. However, mail-in ballots must be notarized to be valid. Northland Shepherd’s Center will be providing notary services to those who need it. Contact Dianna at 816-256-8096.

Requests for mail-in or absentee ballots must be received by the Board of Elections no later than Oct 21, 2020. We suggest requesting your ballot as soon as possible to avoid possible delays in the postal system. Ballots can be requested right now.

Absentee voting can be done in person at the Board of Elections 10/19 – 10/31 (Mon-Sat). The Clay County Board of Elections can be contacted at (816) 415-8683. Additional information is available on their web site:

Information about voting in other counties in Missouri can be found via the following web site:

General instructions regarding voting: https://www.sos.mo.gov/elections/goVoteMissouri/howtovote

Absentee ballot request form: