Much more than Meals on Wheels

“She’s an angel,” one client said of his Meal Delivery volunteer. “She brings my mail and paper to the door when she brings me my noon meal, and always asks how I feel or says, “Is there anything else you need,” a Meals on Wheels client explains.

The Meals on Wheels service not only provides clients with a hot, nutritious meal geared to their diet restrictions, it also gives NSC clients a “real, live person to talk to” at least once a day. Besides breaking the day’s monotony and loneliness, the program offers a safety factor. “Bearing her meal in my hand, I went to my client’s door and heard the TV set going loud, so I knew Sarah (the client) couldn’t hear me. “I tried the doorknob, and sure enough, the door was open. “I shouted for her, and then I heard, ‘please help me.’ I rushed to the kitchen, and there she was lying on the floor.” The volunteer call EMT and stayed with the client until the EMT arrived.