Welcome to the NSC Technology Center!

You can reserve a computer in our computer room and can receive TECH TIME sessions with your own personal volunteer Tech Coach.  We have weekly, on site, classes over topics such as, Zoom, Android Basics, iPhone Basics, social media, browsing safety, online research, and other hot topics.  We are very excited to welcome you to the Technology Center!

Wi-Fi Hotspots are here!

Wi-Fi Hotspots For Your Personal Use!

Now you can have internet in your home with these Wi-Fi Hotspots!  

Do you Qualify? 

Must be:
* over 60 

* Clay or Platte County resident   
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Upcoming Tech Connect Events & Classes

September 19th 1:30 pm 
Learn to Zoom Class

Come learn more about Podcasts.  We will be on site and via Zoom link.  Register by calling or on the NSC website upcoming events calendar.

September 20 1:30 pm
Zoom Practice Class

Learn while you Zoom! Jump into a live Zoom class and ask questions, get more experience Zooming! This is a short session and more to ask questions while practicing your Zoom skills!

September 26th  1:30 pm
Canva – Photo Card Making Class

Let’s make our own photo cards!  Come learn how to make a photo card with Canva!  You will create a free account.  Learn to make a card. Bring your laptop and a photo you want to use!  Limit 8 seats

October 10th 11:00
Scammers Beware
Avoiding scams and having fun! Scammers are out in full force this year. Seems they are finding inventive ways to trap us. We can learn some simple tips to help us avoid getting scammed.

October 17 11:30 PM
Air Fryer & Instant Pot Technology

In this class we will demo baking in the Air Fryer. Cookies, biscuits and desserts, oh my!

October 23 1:30 PM
Zoom Practice Class

Learn while you Zoom! Jump into a live Zoom class and ask questions, get more experience Zooming! This is a short session and more to ask questions while practicing your Zoom skills!

October 24 1:30 pm
iPhone Basics Class

Learn more about using Siri with the calendar and to find directions. Ask Questions about the iPhone.

October 26th No Open Lab today.  Art of the Vine Fundraiser.  

Tech Center Services


Tech Time is one on one coaching.  We help answer questions about your phone, laptop, or tablet.  By appointment.  Learn to create an email, text, take photos with your phone camera, use a tablet, learn to Zoom, and so much more!


Reserve time to use one of the computers in the PC lab.  We even have a printer for your use.  Enjoy free Wi-Fi.  Get help finding a link, searching for info, or just researching on a PC. Some PC activities are, filling out online property tax info, look up your medial portal, apply for a new job, create a new resume!


We offer an assortment of training classes on different subjects.  These are in-class attendance, and some are offered via Zoom.  Classes are on the website calendar and you can register there or by calling the NSC.  Some classes fill quickly!

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Thank You - Donors and Grants

The Technology Center is made possible from grants and donations.