Zoom Etiquette

As we all start to enjoy attending Zoom meetings from the comfort of our own home, dining table, living room, home office, or outside deck, we can appreciate that there should be rules and etiquette to follow, within the Zoom meeting.

Most of us have attended a meeting where some attendee was chewing their food loudly with their mic un-muted, causing a disruption as the host located the offender and muted them. Its best if we try to apply simple courtesy when we attend a Zoom meeting. Here are some etiquette items to observe on your next Zoom meeting. Happy Zooming!

If you need help learning to Zoom, attending a Zoom meeting, getting started, hosting a Zoom meeting, please call Northland Shepherd’s Center to schedule a Tech Time Appointment with one of our tech volunteers for individualized instruction. 816-452-4536

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